You develop a web service or mobile app

and need to launch in couple of months? 

You maintain IT infrastructure of the company

and your users complain about failures?

You implement IT solutions for your customers

and need to integrate different services?


You want to migrate to clouds

and have no idea where to start from?

Let's put your IT product on the conveyor! 

We will analyze the infrastructure of your project to help you develop the most effective ways to implement DevOps practices - increasing the efficiency of development using CI/CD, organizing product monitoring in real time and minimizing the time to receive feedback from users.

By implementing DevOps on your project, you will ensure full development transparency, reduce time to market (TTM), increase product reliability and quality, and speed up the delivery of new functionality to your users.

We analyze infrastructure and IT processes of our client

conduct interview, read code, write reports, calculate budget for infrastructure == selecting optimal solution

Prepare development environment

set up version control, autobuilds, run tests, design and launch test benches

Implement deployment pipeline

upload and store build artefacts, monitor product health, notify if something goes wrong

Set up production environment to lauchch the project

plug in logging and monitoring, gather feedback from users, set up backups

Maintain production and development through the lifecycle of the product

make changes in accordance with the incoming requirements, control that everything is going according to plan, monitor the infrastructure costs

What, how and why

What we do How we do it Why
Assign dedicated team for the project
Our DevOps engineers and PM work together with your team
It's much faster and cheaper than looking for in-house DevOps. We will connect to your project within a few days! Focus on development, and let us handle its maintenance
Calculate infrastructure costs Having received requirements, we define necessary resources: number of servers and CPU, memory and disk space You know in advance what your servers in the cloud will cost
Cloud migration We assess the readiness of the current infrastructure to be transferred to the cloud: AWS, Azure, Google, MCS, Yandex. We develop a migration strategy specifically for your project. Transfer applications and data to the cloud. Decrease in infrastructure costs. Scalability. Increase team productivity and work convenience
Deploy test and dev benches We deploy Kubernetes in the cloud for the necessary benches: development, staging, production, QA, etc. The more benches in the chain through which the build passes, the fewer bugs reach production
Infrastructure as a Code We write configurations for Kubernetes, CloudFormation, Terraform. Write scripts for building and packaging: Maven, Gradle, Ant, Rake, CMake, SCons, NuGet Разработчики не тратят время на сборку проекта. Обеспечивается целостность, повторяемость и унифицированная структура сборки
CI/CD We configure GitLab, Jenkins, Selenium and other services in order to automate the entire chain - from committing the code by a developer to user downloading an application or opening a website Development and deployment act as a whole. Speed up for building and testing processes
Automatic tests If you still don't have them, we will write functional, integration and load tests for your project or embed existing tests into CI/CD chain Prevents bugs from getting into production. Ensures reliable operation of the product
Containerization We take your services, wrap them in Docker, launch them in Kubernetes Unification and scaling
Logging and monitoring We deploy ElasticSearch, Kibana to collect and display logs, connect Prometheus and Grafana to collect and display metrics Developers get quick feedback, and thus understand how to solve the problem in the shortest possible time
Microservices We analyze the application and help your team to develop and implement a more efficient architecture based on microservices Services can be easily replaced at any time. Services are organized around functions. You can use in any combination the most suitable tools for solving problems: programming languages and frameworks
Maintenance We add scripts, implement new functionality, respond to problems, ensure the smooth operation of the entire infrastructure according to SLA Your users get a smoothly running product
Consulting We will hold webinars with your team, write recommendations on the implementation and improvement of processes Increasing the productivity of the development team
We write corporate software of any level and class: mobile, desktop, server. We use in our work the same practices that we offer you You just want everything to be done on a turnkey basis
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How much? 

Of course, you want to know the exact cost of the service from the very beginning, but we are sure that you, as an IT professional, understand that each project is unique and it is impossible to hang a fixed standard "price tag".
To make the reference point clear, let us indicate that the cost of implementation of the basic CI/CD process for a small project will start from $3000, and the cost of monthly maintenance of the tuned up pipeline - from $1000.
After project analysis, we will provide you with a complete cost calculation with absolutely transparent pricing.
Most likely, hiring a third-party DevOps team will be much cheaper for you than in-house specialists, also because a well-developed and customized environment does not require constant attention to itself - which means that you pay us only for tangible results, not just for working hours.

Why us?

We are engaged in the development of corporate and mobile software and we ourselves apply DevOps practices on our projects, which means we understand all the nuances from the inside.
We know typical mistakes when working on CI/CD pipeline in-house.
We have experience in implementing DevOps practices for national-level services.
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Case study

Client: large national-level service

Releases should be rolled out to production on availability, preferably without the participation of system administrators and deployment engineers, to implement the process of transferring the result of development to production.
  1. Implement and maintain infrastructure of multiple benches: for development, integration, testing and the end users.
  2. Configure and script the stages of the feature delivery process from code commit to the running service.
  3. Organize feedback from running services to developers: logs, monitoring, profiling.
MCS, Kubernetes, Docker, GitLab, Jenkins, Ansible, Grafana, Python, Bash.
  • The servers in the cloud are running;
  • Scripts and configs for CI/CD tools are written;
  • Implemented collection of logs, metrics and feedback to developers;
  • Deploy time is reduced;
  • Bugs are found and critical failures are prevented before they reach production by detecting errors in the delivery process;
  • Conversion has been increased due to the quick launch of features required by users.
Let's talk!

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